Invitation to Participate

WEF includes in its participant list all UW state universities and centers, Wisconsin's independent colleges and universities, Wisconsin technical colleges, and many out-of-state institutions. In addition, many community colleges, trade schools, and the national service organizations, such as the armed forces are represented.

All interested persons are invited to attend a Wisconsin Education Fair program. Most high schools in Wisconsin will be invited to attend a specific program based on the school's proximity to a site. Each WEF program has a Site Coordinator who can provide specific information regarding participation. Persons interested in participating in a Wisconsin Education Fair are encouraged to contact the Executive Director or the nearest Site Coordinator.

If you participated last year, please do not create a new participation login. Please login here with your username and password that was assigned to you. If you did not participate in last year's fairs, please sign up online here to participate in the Wisconsin Education Fairs, Inc. this year. This is an online application and you will be notified once your participation is approved.

Participation fees for colleges/universities are based on number of locations. The following are fees for 2019 participation. This fee includes the late fee after July 31:

1-3 Locations $500.00
4-6 Locations $600.00
7-12 Locations $700.00
13-25 Locations $750.00

Late fees are assessed after August 1 and 31, the late fee is $150. No contracts will be accepted after August 31.